10 Amazing Tricks To Build Your Muscle Fast

Bulking is an important stage during the period of building an incredible physique among all bodybuilders. Yet, amateur bodybuilders still find it hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of the best methods during bulking phase.

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Set a strength target

As you may know that you might find it hard bulking fibbers if you neglect on improving your strength.

Physical strength plays an important role on muscle growth and helps you be able to perform intensive training sessions well.

Some people believe that they would get the maximum results on lifting super heavy weight for one to few reps.

The fact, however, is that if you continue to do that without caution, you might face physical damage and it is not more effective than focusing on enhancing your strength.

So how to do that ? Simply you just need to lift the lighter weight than you could normally do. But you need to do it for more reps, 10 – 20 reps, in 3 – 5 reps.

You also need to set your daily strength target to increase the weight of your lifts to maximize your strength improvement.

Exercise two and more muscles simultaneously

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with focusing on several isolation work (bench press, legs extension).

However, it does not help you gain as much muscles as doing compound exercises, which are working muscle at more than one joint.

Popular compound exercises include deadlift, squat, press and row. So why do we need to do compound exercises ?

As these exercises require a lot of muscle working at same time, your body is able to release more hormones such as testosterone that enhance the muscle growth, which leads to bulking effectively.

Perform the exercise appropriately

The issue that usually happens to a newbie bodybuilder is to perform the exercises inappropriately.

You will not make the most of your bulking phrase if you do your exercises in a wrong form.

For those who struggle with this, you may consult your personal trainers at your fitness centre or you can find more helpful online resources.

Record what you eat on a daily basis

Being specific with your training targets and measures of daily performance is not sufficient for you to gain maximum results.

As you may also need to know how much calories you consume per day and be clear on the measures of your macros, you need to keep a food journal.

If you consume not enough calories, new muscle won’t be translated during hard training sessions.

In the case you don’t make any progress you’d expected for, the food journal allows you to make adjustments easily.

If you are not gaining weight, you can also add more calories to your daily meals to boost your progress.

Always keep in your mind that along with the time of the day, you need to write down everything that you either eat or drink.

Get more sleep

Muscle growth cannot be optimized without appropriate recovery.

Apart from taking one to two off-training days per week, you may also need get more sleep during your day.

Most of people believe that it is perfect to get eight to nine hour of sleepper night, but it’s not usually realistic.

You may, nevertheless, keep a good control once going to bed, thus giving you the best opportunity of getting as much sleep as you could.

Eat more protein food

Protein is an essential element for building mass muscle, as there are many benefits of eating rich protein food.

Protein help you not only lose weight, especially belly fat, but also gain mass muscle and strength.

People believe that it is sufficient for bodybuilders to take 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men, but it is not usually recommended by health and fitness experts.

To maximize your muscle growth, a number of professional bodybuilders consume more than 120 grams of protein on a daily basis.

Don’t fear taking more carbs

A lot of people think that they will get more redundant calories if they consume more high-carb food; it, however is not true.

High-carb food plays an important role on boosting your energy to do bulking effectively.

“To in mass, you have to ensure you’re getting enough protein to rebuild muscle tissue damaged through training, but you also have to eat a lot of carbohydrates because gaining size requires you to fill your muscles with glycogen,”

Mike Francois, past winner of the Arnold Classic

Glycogen, which is often considered as energy stockpile, is the collection of carbohydrates stored in muscles that powers your training and affects anabolism.

To retain that supply as you’re building muscle, you need add a small amount of carbohydrates at each meal, which means that you need to consume more carbohydrates than you burn.

Experts suggested that for someone who is on hard core training and weighs over 200 pounds, it is advised that the ideal meal would be 6-8 ounces of chicken breast, 2 cups of brown rice, a tablespoon of olive oil and a cup of broccoli. This meal provides 109 grams of carbohydrates, about 60 grams of protein and 24 grams of fat.

Take post workout supplements

To support your daily nutrition, post workout supplement is an indispensable element of maximizing muscle growth.

I have done a lot of research to find out the best post workout supplements, which is Crazy Bulk D Bal (Dianabol).

The D Bal Pills are currently on special sale at Crazy Bulk Official Website.

It is recommended to take three capsules of dbal supplements with water approximately 45 minutes after your workout. For best results, use for a minimum of 2 months. Use with a suitable diet and exercise programme.

Take casein before sleep

Casein is the primary protein in milk, accounting for around 80% of the total protein. Just like whey, casein protein has a high biological value which means it has all the essential amino acids necessary for all of your processes that require protein.

Casein clots in stomach, forming large globules of protein, which helps reduce the percentage of the gastric emptying, meaning that the amount of amino acids in casein go into the bloodstream at a sustained rate.

Through supplying the extension of branched chain amino acid profile, including leucine, iso leucine and valine, casein allows for the repair and recovery of muscle tissues which could not only reduce muscle soreness, but also help you achieve your goals fast.

Through helping to reduce recovery time significantly, casein protein can help you perform well at the gym and boost strength and power.

Both casein and whey protein play important roles within muscle development; yet each should be part of your sports supplements, due to different properties.

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Recently, I have posted a review article regarding the review of great legal steroids to boost your muscle growth without any side effects, which helps you have a good bulking phrase.

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