3 Exercises For the Lats

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When you are looking for exercises for the lats, you’ve come to the right place. The lats are one of the four major back muscles. By understanding their function, you can better choose the most effective exercises. Your lats pull your arm down towards the pelvis. But they also work in reverse when your arm is fixed. Here are some tips for working them out. Listed below are 3 exercises for lats.

Exercises that work the lats

The lats are a flat, large muscle located on the backside of the torso. They are involved in every movement of the upper body, from bringing the arm closer to the torso to stabilizing the upper body during exercise. Several types of exercises work the lats, including cable lateral raises, dumbbell pullovers, and horizontal row variations. Here are some examples.

Sternum pull ups are an excellent exercise for the lats, as they require you to lean back through the movement. However, it is important that you do these movements with control and avoid letting momentum kick in during the movement. You should also perform sternum pull ups slowly, parallel to the floor. Although these exercises work the lats directly, they also burn the area in an indirect way.

Function of the lats

The lats are a group of muscles that originate from the lower thoracic vertebrae and end at the iliac crest of the hip. They are a key part of the back, providing stability for the shoulder and allowing it to rotate and side bend. They also aid in breathing, pull-ups, and running. Lats are also involved in many other activities such as rowing and running.

One of the most popular exercises for the lats is the lat pulldown, though many people do it incorrectly. A biomechanical lens can help visualize proper technique. The lats are best activated when their fibers are stretched in a diagonal direction from a fully extended arm position down toward the hip. Horizontal rowing movements are not as effective as diagonal movements. Ideally, a lat pulldown should be performed with a wide grip.

Stretching the lats

Before you begin stretching the lat muscles, you must visualize the area where the lats cross the lower ribs. This will help you relax your core and your neuromuscular system, which will then direct your body to move into the stretch. Once you have visualized the area, simply breathe in deeply and slowly until you feel a gentle pulling sensation. Repeat this exercise one or two times on each side. You can also use the wall to stretch the lat muscles.

Dynamic stretches involve low-resistance movements to target a specific muscle group. Examples include arm circles. Any exercise that works the arms through overhead extension is an effective dynamic stretch for the lats. Make sure to use light weights and focus on the stretched portion of the range of motion. After you’ve done a few dynamic stretches, you can move on to static stretches. These will release tension while promoting mobility.

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