Anavar: Interesting Facts About The Friendly Steroid

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Anavar – one of the most friendly steroid on the planet – is an oral anabolic and androgenic steroid.

The steroid has little side effects on human’s body, which is why it is the best choice for women.

On this article, we will focus on the brief overview, medical use, dosage, pros & cons of the steroid,. At the end, we will be laying out the best alternatives to which we highly recommend.

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What is Anavar and what does it do?

Anavar – also known as Oxandrolone –  is a synthetic hormone with anabolic and androgenic properties.

Image result for oxandrolone

Most interesting fact:

It has strong anabolic and weak androgenic effects…

…which means that the vulnerability of its side effects is lower than other forms of steroids.

It was out on the marketplace in the early 1960’s by G.D Searle Laboratories.

It was initially used for medical purposes, but was found to help effectively bodybuilders enhance their performance and fat-cutting results.

In 1989, Searle Lab discontinued to produce the steroid, due to FDA pressure that tightened its grip on the anabolic steroid market.

Anavar Results

A typical result of using the steroid as a performance-enhancing substance will look like this…

cycle and results for Men

…or beyond that…

Routine Use Of Anavar

The best part of this steroid is to help bodybuilders reduce significant amount of body fat within weeks.

Medical use

Image result for medical laboratoryApparently, the steroid is common known for one of the best treatments for patients with severe burns.

Here are few proofs for you:

A number of researchers found that a group of patients with burned injuries improved hypermetabolism and body composition following a postburn long-term oxandrolone administration.

Specifically, it helped shorten length of acute hospital stay, maintaine lean body mass, improve body composition and hepatic protein synthesis…

…while having no adverse effects on the endocrine axis postburn.

Another major burn study, conducted by Demling RH, DeSanti L, found that…

…after 3 weeks of administration, significant weight gain was seen in victims with major burns during the recovery phase.

One more study showed that the steroid improves muscle protein synthesis efficiency in severely burned children after 6 weeks of use.

In fact:

The steroid works really really well for enhancing wound healing, which is studied by Demling RH.

The steroid was alos used to treat a series of health conditions such as bone pain, osteoporosis, corticosteroids, Turner syndrome in girls, HIV/AIDS-induced wasting, idiopathic short stature, anemia, hereditary angioedema, alcoholic hepatitis and hypogonadism.

It sounds incredible that the steroid is capable of disolving a lot of serious health issues.

One more interesting study found that the steroid has a positive neuroregenerative effect on a patient with demyelinating disease…

…this helps improve significantly the neuromuscular efficiency through an increased myelin synthesis at peripheral nervous system site.

Anavar Dosage

For those who are concerning about the dosage of the steroid, it is recommended to take between 20 and 100 mg per day for men and from 2.5 to 20 mg per day for women.

Some people find the recommended dosage working effectively and have little or no side effects…

…but those overdosing usually have few nasty side effects.

The steroid normally lasts about 8-12 hours on your body.

What are benefits of Anavar?

The positive impact on human’s physique and performance is incredibly undeniable.

It is best used for cutting cycles as it will help you not only retain healthy muscle  & improve strength, but also increase the rate of recovery and endurance.

Without being said, we will jump right into its first benefit.

Stronger than testosterone

Related image

Interestingly, Anavar’s anabolic/androgenic rate is 322-630:24, while testosterone carries a ratios of 100:100.

So, the steroid is 3-6 times more anabolic than testosterone.

In fact:

A helpful research found that 5-day-oral-administration of the steroid helps enhance skeletal muscle protein synthesis and increase intracellular reutilization of amino acids.

Despite the super high level of anabolic rate, the steroid is not suitable for those desiring to build mass muscle.

Yet, it will help gain super strength to lift heavier weights.

This is the reason why it is most common used for women and men who are looking forward to a lean & ripped body with high level of strength.

The friendly steroid

Related imageAs we talked earlier on the mildness of its side effects, the level of androgenicity is low.

Unlike other strong steroids, such as dianabol, clenbutrol, trenbolone and sustanon, the steroid has little to no damage to your liver.

This makes the steroid become one of the friendliest steroids for female use.

Truely fat-burning steroid

Once administered the first dose, your body might feel differently – as the steroid promotes lipolysis and enhances metabolic rate.

Your body fat will be broken down and burned at the highest rate…

Related image

You can’t imagine how quickly your body fat is shredding.

Some people said the steroid is like a fat shredder.

Preserve lean muscle

Image result for lean muscle

Another benefit of using the steroid is to save your lean muscle from loss due to dieting.

Once taken, the steroid enters into the bloodstream to decrease SHBG and inhibit glucocorticoid hormones.

This helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue. So, the steroid is the perfect choice to build a ripped and lean body look.

As the result of preserving healthy muscle tissue, your body will enhance the vascularity – which pops up some muscular veins on your surface.

No Aromatization

The steroid does not aromatize – so this means that excessive water retention & man boobs are no longer of your worries.

Other steroids, like Dianabol and Trenbolone, they have strong side effects of estrogen, making you have a bloating body look with women-pattern boobs developement.

This scenario…Image result for man boobs

…is actually quite irritating.

But, Anavar won’t give you any of these.

Increase red blood cell count

The more red blood cell count, the more oxygen for your bloodstream, the more durable for your muscle.

This boosts up your recovery & endurance, helping you train longer and harder.

Image result for endurance bodybuilding

This is one of the most important advantage of using the steroid – as most bodybuilders tend to have a burning desire to perform better at gym.

What are side effects of Anavar?

The steroid has a mild side effect on its users – but it is not possible for us to skip this section.

By going through carefully, you will be able to understand the most likely side effects that the steroid can cause to your body.

Unbalance the level of cholesterol

Image result for test cholesterol

The most concerned side effect of using the steroid is to have the imblance of body cholesterol.

The steroid will decrease the ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and increase the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL).

The worst part?

This can cause a number of serious health issues such as heart attack and stroke.

These problems sound incredibly scary to bodybuilders.

So, re-consider carefully before using.

Suppress natural testosterone production

Like other anabolic steroids, the steroid adds exogenous testosterone to your body organism to stimulate protein synthesis.

However, such testosterone reduces the production of the natural testosterone.

It can cause loss of libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction and loss of bone mass.

Image result for stress

Although the side effect is rarely occurring to users, you should be aware of and dissolve as soon as you have any of these.

A study by 3 researchers found that the steroid has a negative effect on the adult male reproductive system which are profound and occur at several levels.

Poor half-life

The steroid is an unreliable steroid as it can cause a drop of up to 75% in your blood concentration.

Therefore, to maintain the stable level, some people need to take two doses per day – which costs them double.

As taking the double dosage, it will more likely to increase the vunerralibility of its side effects.

Legal Status

Like other steroids, such as Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Trenbolone and so on, Anavar is also considered as a banned substance.

That means that the steroid is only prescribed for medical uses.

For any other purposes, such as using, buying, selling or possessing, you will be given a heavy fine if being caught.

Where Can You Buy Anavar?

Anavar is only available on “black market” or underground labs.

If you are looking for purchasing the steroid, you should take a step back.

Here is the kicker:

The steroid is made from an unknown source, where you don’t even know they are clean & safe.

The second thing is that it’s illegal to do such things.

Luck for you, we’re going to show you the best alternative ways to get the same results with the side effects.

Want to know the best part?

The alternative ways are SAFE, LEGAL & NATURAL…

Want to know more? So, Let’s Move On.

*BONUS: Anavar Legal Alternatives

Despite the mildness of the side effects, it is possible to happen in some cases. To ensure that you will be no longer worried about those risks, there are another alternative options for you.

They are known as Legal Steroid Alternatives, which are really popular right now.

As you may know, this industry has evolved dramatically in recent years to help steroid users get rid of the side effects of the real steroid…

…and also help amateur bodybuilders get the faster, better and stronger results.

With that said, the top #1 for you is…

#1: Anvarol


Image result for anvarol

Anvarol – made by CrazyBulk – is a legal steroid alternative to Anavar, which can mimic the similar results after sustainable cutting cycles.

The supplement is not as fast-acting as the real steroid – but will leave you no risks of any side effects on your body.

It can enhance your physical strength & body energy – also help you retain more lean muscle and have higher rate of metabolism.

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