Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscles

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Among the most important and effective exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles are squats, side planks, and iliopsoas. Squats and side planks will work both your quadratus lumborum and erector spinae. Side planks are great for strengthening the iliopsoas and erector spinae. They also work on your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles.

Side planks strengthen the quadratus lumborum

Side planks are a great exercise to strengthen the quadratus lumborum, a group of muscle groups in the lower back. They work all three major muscle groups at once, and help to strengthen the quadratus lumborum, a deep spinal stabilizing muscle. Strong quadratus lumborum muscles reduce the risk of back injury. In addition to improving core strength, side planks improve balance and coordination.

To begin, you will need to place your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your hands behind your head. Keep your hips facing forward. Do not rotate your body while doing this exercise. Hold the position for 20 seconds. To avoid injuring yourself, use a light weight. Aside from strengthening the Quadratus Lumborum, this exercise also works the lats, glutes and shoulder muscles.

Squats strengthen the erector spinae

The erector spinae is a group of long muscles in the lower back that help keep the spine erect. These muscles are connected to many important bones in the back and help with the movements of the hips, lower back, and head. Squats help strengthen this group of muscles. By performing a squat at least once a week, you will see results faster than you would with any other exercise.

The erector spinae are important for good posture and are easily injured due to repetitive lifting with poor posture. Squats can help you prevent strains by strengthening the muscles that support the lower back. Some stretches for erector spinae include pulling the knees up to the chest, arching the back, and slumping the upper body. These stretches also target many other muscles in the lower back.

Squats strengthen the iliopsoas

The iliopsoas muscles support a stable muscular structure and aid the internal organs. Hence, squats are a vital exercise for strengthening the lower back. Here are some of the exercises that will strengthen the iliopsoas muscle:

The iliopsoas muscle group is the main hip flexors and plays a critical role in posture. The muscle travels through the pelvis and attaches to the inside of the femur near the hip joint. The iliopsoas connects the upper and lower body and provides stability to the lower back, pelvis, and hips. The iliopsoas is also important for maintaining a proper gait.

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