How to Get Bigger Shoulder Muscles

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The shoulder muscles, or lats, are responsible for the range of motion in the shoulders. They enable you to extend, adduct, horizontally abduct, and flex the shoulder from an extended position. These muscles are located under the armpit and are often developed in bodybuilders and swimmers. The purpose of this article is to give you the information you need to properly develop the lats and build a more muscular and fit physique.


If you want to see your lats grow bigger, you need to do a few exercises specifically designed for them. Vertical pulling exercises are excellent, but there are many other great lat exercises as well. Try horizontal pulling exercises as well. They are just as effective as vertical pulling exercises, but they will train your lats in different directions and angles. They will also produce more growth. Read on to learn about some of the most effective exercises for lats.


The function of the lats is vital for shoulder movement. If your lats are tight, you will find it difficult to do repetitive overhead movements, such as pushing, reaching, and lifting. They are also responsible for stabilizing your glenohumeral joint, which is a delicate balance of mobility and stability. Tight lats can limit your shoulder range of motion, which can result in pain in the back, wrist, and shoulders.

Proper positioning

While you might think lats are a minor muscle, their role is essential for a healthy and balanced body. Located in the upper back, they connect to five points and play a vital role in all strength training exercises. Their fiber orientation is neither horizontal nor longitudinal, but diagonal. This allows them to perform complex movements and put greater stability demands on their joints. Therefore, proper positioning of the lats is imperative for overall fitness and health.

Exercise variations

If you’re looking for a way to build the muscle in your lats, you’ll love these exercise variations. There are two main ways to perform a lats exercise: standing or sitting. To perform a standing lat exercise, you’ll need a way to anchor the resistance band overhead. Either kneel or stand to perform the exercise. Alternatively, you can lie flat on your back. In either case, you’ll need to bend your elbows and pull them to the sides of your body.


In order to build muscle mass, it is important to incorporate reps into your workout routine. Pull-ups are a good example. They work the lats through all of their main actions. They are effective for building a big set of lats, but they require proper technique. You can get great lat activation even when performing wide-grip pull-ups. Remember to engage your glutes and core muscles as you make the Y motion.


Although the lats don’t play a significant role in your everyday life, they are important for sports and fitness. Strong lats help you achieve the “V-taper” body shape. A V-taper look requires maximum shoulder development and minimal belly fat. To achieve this goal, you can take a muscle-building supplement. To find out which one is right for you, take a quiz.

Guidelines for contracting muscles lats

Contracting the lats strengthens scapular control during strength training, which allows you to isolate the various muscle groups better. Preacher curls, for example, require that you rest your upper arm against a slanted surface and move your arms down from the elbow. Performing the exercise with shrugged shoulders makes the movement less efficient. Practicing lat contraction during this movement keeps the shoulder girdle in place, forcing the biceps to become more isolated.

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