Sustanon: A Complete Guide to Testosterone (Godfather Of Steroids)

Sustanon – one of the most popular testosterone replacement methods – is an oily-based mixture of testosterone esters in a form of injection.

Sustanon 250 is the most common form of the steroid on the marketplace.

For those wondering what is sustanon or sustanon 250, how these testosterone replacement can help the process of bodybuilding and their side effects, we will cover on this article.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon was developed by Organon Pharmaceuticals during the twentieth century.

It has 2 main forms, which are available and popular on the market.

Sustanon 250 – the first form – is a substance made from 4 different testosterone esters:

  • Propionate (30mg/ml – help testosterone act fast on your body once entering bloodstream)
  • Phenylpropionate (60mg/ml – have the same effect of the above)
  • Decanoate (100mg/ml – help the steroid stay longer on your body system)
  • Isocaproate (60mg/ml – have the benefits somewhere between the others)

The second form of the steroid is Sustanon 100 – which encompasses:

  • Propionate (20 mg/ml)
  • Phenylpropionate (40 mg/ml)
  • Isocaproate (40 mg/ml)

One interesting fact is that the steroid has a ratio of anabolism and androgen – 100:100, which makes it a versatile steroidal hormone.

Sustanon Results

A common result usually looks like this…

…quite impressive, isn’t it?

What is Sustanon steroid used for?

Like many other steroids, the steroid was initially used for the purpose of treating a series of health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and even Alzheimers disease.

Its medical use is also for those who suffer from low levels of natural testosterone, find their libido as a severe problem or even erectile dysfunction.

The steroid also treats mental health problems such as a lack of mental clarity, depression, insomnia, anxiety and so on.

Sustanon Dosage

For those who are curious about how the steroid is used, we will lay out the recommended dosage of the steroid.

For women, they should take around 250 mg every week – but it is suggested to go upwards to 500 mg/week for men during sustanon cycle.

Some people see their results right after its use – but it might take few days for others.

As it is considered one of the strongest steroids on the market, it has significant side effects for those overdosing.

What are Sustanon benefits?

The steroid helps not only people get rid of a number of serious health conditions, but also improve muscle growth, enhance strength, stamina, recovery rate, sex drive & performance.

Without being said, we will jump right into details of the benefits of the steroid.

Enhance protein synthesis

Image result for muscle

The steroid has a super strong androgenic effect on your body, which stimulates the level of testosterone.

This boosts the percentage of protein synthesis, thus helping you build huge muscle in a short period of time.

Without any doubt, a superhero physique is within the steroid users’ grasp if they are on a well-balanced diet and training intensively.

Enhance nitrogen retention

Nitrogen plays an important part in our muscle tissue as accounting for 16%.

The anabolism mainly depends on the amount of nitrogen.

This means that the more the percentage of nitrogen retention, the more anabolic for your muscle tissue.

As we might know, more anabolic atmosphere could lead to enabling the process of building muscle tissue quicker.

Increase the production of IGF-1

IGF-1 – known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 – plays a vital role of the growth of muscle tissue.

It is believed that IGF-1 is an anabolic hormone which has the job of shuttling nutrients, including amino acids and glucose into the muscle cells.

Therefore, if the level of this hormone increases, new muscle tissues will be created.

Increase red blood cell count

Do you often feel that you are not able to train longer and harder than expected?

It is mainly because your level of muscle endurance is low.

So how can you increse it?

With the help of the steroid, it will give a boost up in your red blood cell to carry more oxygen through bloodstream, making you be able to rock harder and longer.

Also, it will help you recover faster than ever before.

This is the main reason why many bodybuilders love using Sustanon thanks to increasing the level of stamina and recovery rate to the highest point.

Reduce of stress hormones

Glucocorticoids (stress) hormones are negative to your anabolic hormones.

The muscle growth depends on the level of your anabolic hormones.

But, stress hormones – the enemy of your body – have the role of increasing the amount of body fat and lower the quantity of muscle tissues.

To get a ripped body, many professional bodybuilders try their best to keep the hormones to the lowest level.

For those who don’t know, the problem is no longer of your concerns when taking the steroid.

Protect from lean muscle loss

Related image

For those who are on cutting cycles, you must be aware that you will more or less lose lean muscle tissue due to dieting.

So, your muscle won’t look defined and hard.

Yet, many people have chosen to take the steroid to resolve this problem as it will add an extra layer of protection to your lean muscle.

What are Sustanon side effects?

As we talked earlier about the dosage of the steroid, it is highly recommended to take around 500mg a week for men and 250 mg a week for women.

But, some who are obsessive with their body images often take higher amount to have faster & better.

It is true that it will give them what they expect for – but will leave them nasty side effects for which they couldn’t expect.

Adverse estrogen effects

The steroid does aromatize, so it has an adverse estrogen effect on your body.

It can lead to manboobs – also known as gynecomastia…

Image result for man boob…in men and virilization in women.

Man boobs are always one of the most concerned problems of steroid users, as it can cause your body looking like a weirdo with the imbalance of breast development.

Meanwhile, virilization is a serious problem for women – which makes them become more like a men.

This means that the steroid will cause the deepening of vocal chord, the male-pattern hair growth, the reduction of breast size, the enlargement of clitoris and some hair loss.

So, do you think it is worth using the steroid as a performance enhancing substance ?

Excess water retention

Sustanon is a versatile steroid – can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Commonly, it is best for bulking phrases as it intensively stimulates the period of muscle growth.

Yet, the problem that it leaves after bulking is excessive water retention.

This leads to a bloated and fat look.

Have you seen anyone who have huge muscle and still seem to be fat ?

It is because of the thick layer of water under their skin – which hides away the muscle definition.

High blood pressure

This occurs popularly to most of the steroid users.

As the steroid has highly androgenic effect, this health condition can be more vulnerable to those having this before or in their genes.

So, please make sure to consult your doctor to see if you are predisposed to this problem.

If yes, you should stay away from the steroid.

If no, you should take the recommended dosage.

Unless you keep your eyes on your health, you might catch this problem soon.

If ignored, it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Image result for heart attack

Negative impacts on your lipid profiles

Another side effect of using the steroid is having adverse effects on your lipid profiles.

A lipid profile comprises 2 main elements, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

HDL is considered as the good cholesterol which has the primary function of eliminating other forms of bad cholesterol, such as LDL, from your bloodstream.

What the steroid impacts your lipid profiles is to increase LDL levels and reduce HDL levels.

This means your body will contain more ‘bad’ cholesterol in the bloodstream, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Such serious health conditions are of the fear of the steroid users.

So, think carefully about it.

Hair loss

Image result for baldnessFor those who are predisposed to have male-pattern hair loss, the steroid is not recommended for their use as a performance enhancing substance.

It will speed up the process of losing hair quicker.

Yet, for those are healthy and overdosing, there are still chances of having this problem.

Once it sets into your body, it will cause baldness no matter you stop using it.

Make sure to keep your eyes on.

Horrible Acne

Acne makes most of the steroid users feel distressed and annoyed.

If you have predisposition of acne, you should avoid using the steroid.

The acne that the steroid leaves on your body is actually painful and unhealthy.

If you think the steroid can help you sculpt a healthy and muscular physique like natural bodybuilders, you should reconsider carefully.

Lower natural testosterone

As the steroid adds external testosterone to your bloodstream, it will reduce the production of your natural testosterone.

Once inejecting the steroid into your body, the natural testosterone levels will drop dramatically.

Yet, if you stop using the steroid, it is time for muscular catabolism.

So, you might lose a large amount of muscle after terminating Sustanon’s use.

Now, do you think it is worth taking ?

Where can you buy Sustanon?

Sustanon price is around $10 per ml from underground lab or “dark market”…

…this is where most of steroids are distributed.

Here’s the deal:

Taking the real steroid is not only expensive…

…but also gives you an awful lot of terrible side effects.

So, how can you get the same results without such downsides?


Now, we’re giving you a special bonus below to help you with that.

*BONUS: Legal Sustanon Alternatives

Building a superhero physique is a long & tedious process that takes a huge amount of effort.

Yet, the steroid users might find it easy to achieve – will have a series of horrible side effects in a long run.

For those are having a burning desire to achieve this goal without any side effects, you are better off trying the alternatives.

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