The Muscles Worked in Deadlift

muscles worked in deadlift

The muscles worked in the deadlift vary depending on your body’s configuration. They include the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and erector spinae. Butt shooting upward is a common mistake that dumps work to the back and hip extensors. In addition, the lifter may be stronger in the posterior chain, but not patient enough to coordinate quads with hip extensors before moving the bar.

erector spinae

While many people focus on the upper back during their workout, the erector spinae muscles play an equally important role. This group of muscles performs numerous crucial functions. The deadlift is an effective exercise for developing these muscles. This article will focus on two of the most common exercises used to train this group. Both exercises work the erector spinae. Learn more about each of these two types of exercises and why they are both effective.


While the glutes are the primary muscle group used for the deadlift, the hamstrings are an important part of the overall movement. The hamstrings play a dual role in the lift – they help stabilize the knee joint at the start of the movement and engage in the lower half of the movement to help bring the hips close to the bar. Sore hamstrings can be a good thing!

Gluteus maximus

The Gluteus maximus muscles are involved in the hip extension phase of the deadlift. The glutes are active throughout the lift, providing the power that straightens the torso and legs. The smaller hip muscles that control the rotation of the thighs also contribute to the work performed by the glutes. If you are new to strength training, consult a health care professional before starting your exercise routine.


Deadlifts are a great way to get a complete workout. When performed properly, deadlifts hit nearly every muscle group in the body. However, there are a few common mistakes that can lead to injuries. Here are some things to avoid when performing deadlifts:

Hip extensors

While the gluteus maximus is the primary muscle used in the deadlift, it is also utilized in other ways. The gluteus extends the hip and, in conjunction with the hamstring muscles, the adductor magnus assists in the extension of the hip. When performing a deadlift, you should always be aware of the position of the bar relative to your body, as this will determine the amount of extension.

Lattisimus dorsi

The Lattisimus Dorsi, or “lats,” are the largest muscle groups in the back. They work together to stabilize the shoulder and girdle during the deadlift. They also help to maintain proper posture. For a successful deadlift, you must maintain perfect posture while engaging your lats during the lift. While the lats are an essential component of deadlifting, they should never be overstretched or under-engaged.

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