Trenbolone: What you need to know about the most crazy steroid

Looking for Trenbolone as a way to bulk up fast?

Or want to get shredded?

Either way, you’re better off reading this before making any purchases.

So, this article will help you understand the overview, medical use, dosage, pros and cons of Trenbolone…

…by the end, you can make your own decision on whether to buy or try alternative ways.

What is Trenbolone?

Image result for trenbolone wikiTrenbolone – one of the most effective anabolic and androgenic steroids – is made of the group of nandrolone.

One interesting fact is:

Tren is five times more anabolically stronger than testosterone.

Therefore, it is incredibly amazing to see how the body of an average guy like this…Image result for trenbolone transformation… transform during the period of using Trenbolone.

Tren was first invented in 1963.

Trenbolone has primary forms:

  • Tren-a, short for Tren acetate, is the most popular form – as it enters into body fast and leaves quickly after the termination of use. It is often used on farm animals such as cows, buffaloes, horses and so on. The reason why they used on those domisticated animals is because it helps muscle growth and feed efficiency to produce more commodities.
  • Tren-e, short for Tren enanthate – is less common than tren-a, but has longer biological half-life and few side effects. On the black market, this form of Tren is often sold and well-known under a so-called nickname, Trenabol.
  • Tren-H, short for trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, was initially used pharmaceutically for ordinary people; unfortunately, its availability has ceased.

Unlike other steroids, Tren is a super strong steroid, which helps bodybuilders gain huge muscle, shred fat & improve their strength within weeks.

The horrible part?

The stronger the steroid, the more side effects it will bring.

Therefore, it is not recommended for newbie or those who have a little or no experience on using steroids.

Medical use

Tren is primarily used for veterinary, especially for cattle, where it helps them boost the growth of muscle, appetite and mineral absorption.

It is quite rare to see anyone using Tren due to its strong effects – where it is an approriate use for 1500lb cows.

However, Tren-H was formulated for human use as it is not as strong as tren-a & tren-e.

One interesting study:

Sillence MN and Rodway RG found that Tren helps reduce circulating concentrations of corticosterone.

Another helpful research found that Tren can be more effective than Testosterone…

Image result for researcher

…in restoring androgen status and reducing cardiovascular risk in males with Testosterone Deficiency and Metabolic Syndrome

Trenbolone Dosage

For those who are concerning about the dosage of Tren, it is highly recommended to use 200 mg per week by injecting route.

When being familiar with the steroid and see body changes as the result, you can go up to 400-500 mg per week (intermidiate level).


In some cases, people are trying to take more than the recommended amounts as they think that it will helps them actually transform into an incredible body quickly.

It truly happens to them, but will make them be more vulnerable to the side effects.

Always remember:

The higher amount of the dose, the more side effects affect your body

What does Trenbolone do for you?

As being one of the most common steroids on the bodybuilding community, Tren, of course, has its own reasons.

Boost your body percentage of protein synthesis

Building super mass muscle in a short time ?

Yes, that’s right.

Tren can help you achieve this goal as soon as you take use of.

As the steroid has a strong androgenic effect on your body, it helps your muscle take up more ammonium ion…

Related image

…which results in an increase in the level of protein synthesis.

The best part?

The higher levels of protein synthesis, the quicker you can build your mucle.

As you may know, Tren have a strong impact on your protein synthesis and five times stronger than testosterone.

That’s why many farmers love using the steroid on their domisticated animals to boost their production…

…although it’s not allowed to do such things.

Improve nitrogen retention

During cutting phrases, you may find that your nitrogen levels often fall, which leads to catabolism – means that you might lose few amounts of muscle tissue.

Yet, with the help of Tren, the situation can be turned around.

It helps you retain more nitrogen levels, which results in more anabolic atmosphere within your muscle tissue.

Therefore, you are no longer worried about wasting muscle tissue while using the steroid.

Enhance levels of IGF-1

IGF-1, short for Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, is a powerful protein that is naturally produced within your body to help you gain higher levels of recovery and rejuvenation.

Fortunately, enhancing the levels of IGF-1 is a benefit of using Tren.

Imagine that you tend to feel tired or even exhausted after your intense weight lifting workout.

Image result for tired after workout

And what if you have no such experience at all ?

Sounds cool, right ? Yes, it does.

Most bodybuilders reported that they no longer feel tired following their hard core training after fews doses of Tren.

Boost red blood cells

Red blood cells play an important role on building your muscle.

As carrying oxygen through your bloodstream, the more amount red blood cells, the more endurance for your muscle.

It also have little impacts on your rate of recovery.

All such benefits have been inside the substance of Tren.

After taking use of Tren, you can rock harder at gym, perform longer at any kinds of sports and feel little or no tired at all.

Prevent the amount of glucocorticoids

Glucocorticoids hormones, often known as stress hormones, are the enemy of your anabolic hormones.

Image result for stress hormone

Your anabolic hormones help you gain more muscle and strength.

Yet, glucocorticoids will boost the level of body fat and worsen the density of your muscle tissue.

Staying away from as much amount of glucocorticoids as possible is one of the best resolution to reach your goal of scrupting a jacked body.

Boost the efficiency of nutrient intake from food

Enhancing feed efficiency is another benefit of Tren.

Basically, Tren will help your body utilitize the nutrient intake from food.

This is the main reason why it is primarily used for livestock to help them grow faster.

For human, it is also a good sign of retaining more invaluable nutrients such as protein.

With this benefit, Tren can help any guys, from skinny guys to fat guys, transform their body into an amazing, sexy & super-hero shape.

What are the side effects of Trenbolone?

As we have gone through the main benefits of Tren…

…it is time to look at the opposite sides to see whether it is worth taking use of to have a body transformation.

However, Tren, unlike other steroids, have a lot of nasty side effects on human body.

Super oily skin

Since Tren have strongly androgenic effects on your body…

Image result for oily skin

…means that it turns your sebaceous glands into overdrive, thus producing more oil than neccesary.

This results in your skin being gross and clammy or even causing heavy acne.

Does it sound nasty ?

It may depends on what you actually feel about the experience.

Many natural bodybuilders have said that it is disgusting to see a muscular, ripped & jacked guy with a lot of acne and oil skin all over their body after the use of Tren.

Mental health issues

Again, Tren has super strong androgenic effects and can have negative impacts on the balance of your brain, putting you into mood swings or sudden changes of feelings.

Related image

Tren users often seem to be angry, stressed or even more likely to be aggressive.

Want to know the worst part?

Although ceasing the use of Tren might help you resolve these mental health issues, it can make you feel depressed for a while.

Horrible cough

Have you ever heard ‘Tren’ cough ?

If you haven’t heard this phrases before, you might guess that it is a terrible cough as named ‘Tren’.

Related image

Yes, you are right.

It is a horrible experience on the use of Tren.

Tren is considered as an oil-based injection, which goes into your bloodstream.

Then, it is sent to your lungs as being a foreign compound of your body, leading to the coughing.

This health problem can get worse if overdosing….

…which is not a normal cough when you get cold.

This is a terrible cough making you feel scary and afraid of the continuation of its use.

Cause erectile dysfunction

As we talk earlier, Tren has super strong side effects on your body and is able to suppress your natural testostorone.

This problem can lead to erectile dysfunction – which is one of the most disatisfying problems for your companion.

Even you have huge muscles and super strength – but this won’t be a good sign of your sex life if having such experience.

Now, you can understand how badly Tren cause to your life.

Keep reading as there are more crazy side effects of Tren later on this article.

Increase the frequency of hair loss

Image result for baldness

For those who has predisposition to baldness, they are not recommended to take steroid and should try alternatives instead.

For those who are healthy and have no signs of hair loss, they should keep their dosage to the recommended amount.

Unless doing so, they will have the problem soon.


Many health experts have reported women will experience virilization where they have deep vocal chord, more body hair & clitoral enlargement due to taking use of Tren.

In fact:

The substance is so strong and often used for cows.

You know, cows are 6 times bigger than the average women.

So, women is not recommended to use Tren to bulk up or shred fat.

High blood pressure

This health problem happens commonly to the steroid users.

With the strong effects of Tren, this becomes highly vulnerable to most guys – even a healthy guy.

Image result for high blood pressure

Once it sets in your body, it is tough to eliminate permanently even though you no longer take use of the steroid.

When this problem gets worse, it can lead to…

Image result for rapid heart rate

…rapid heartbeat, heart attack and strokes – which can cause sudden death by the end.

An useful case report:

Researchers found that a young athlete who abused Tren was reported to have ischemic heart issues following complaints of chest pain.

Lower body testosterone

Your level of natural testosterone will be falling down to the lowest point during the use of Tren…

…as it brings exogenous testosterone into the body organism to stimulate muscle growth.

Therefore, most bodybuilders have stated that they seem to have a loss of libido and sexual functionality due to the lower level of natural testosterone.

Yet, it will rise up gradually after the termination of using Tren – but it is hard to go back the prior level.

One recent study in 2015 found that the treatment of Tren will cause sex hormone suppression and benign prostate hyperplasia…

…which is considered as adverse effects.

Cause stress to liver once using high doses

A large number of bodybuilders are obbessive with their body image as they have a burning desire to be stronger, better & more jacked than their fellows.

It leads to a problem that they take use of the higher amount of Tren than recommended.

It is often know as ‘overdosing’.

Although overdosing will give them more muscle, energy and strength, it definitely causes a life-threatening health issue – liver damage.

Image result for liver damaging

Unless treated properly, it will lead to liver failure.

Night sweats

Tren sweat is the most common problem among users.

Some believe that Tren stimulates the metabolic rate of the body to produce more heat.

The body energy will be burned by such heat, which leads to more sweatiness.

Image result for sweating

But others think the muscle tissue will not retain much water during the use of Tren to make you look more musclar, hard and ripped.

Due to removing water from the body, the rate of sweatiness increases significantly.

Sweating might be a major problem for some people, but a lot of people can overcome as it often happens on the day following of Tren injection.

Legal status

This is the most important factor of not using Tren as a performance enhancing substance.

The steroid is banned in most countries…

Related image…as being considered as a controlled substance.

For those being caught of using, possessing & selling the steroid, they might be given a heavy fine.

In case of athletes, those abusing the substance will be entitled to the expulsion from any competitions.

So, there are actually a lot of disadvantages of using the steroid; but a lot of people are still risking their future on achieving the most incredible physique.

If they get caught or have serious problems with its side effects, they might be facing the end of their games.


You have became aware of the consequences of using Tren as a performance-enhancing agent at this stage…

But, if you’re still interested in achieving the fast results that Tren gives…

…you should keep reading the alternative ways for you below.

*BONUS: Legal Trenbolone Alternatives

#1: Trenorol

Image result for trenorolTrenorol – the legal steroid alternative to Trenbolone – is a incredibly powerful & high quality pre workout supplement designed specifically for bodybuilders to help gain more muscle mass, burn more fat, increase strength & conditioning during bulking or cutting phrases.

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